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How to Participate in Adventure Chatter

There are two ways for you to be a part of the adventure travel network we have created here.

   1. Be a writer/editor/moderator for the main content pages throughout the site
   2. Add your personal thoughts and comments to the forum.

Being a Writer

To be a writer/editor/moderator for the main Adventure Chatter site, that is the activities and destinations on the main pages, you can apply by clicking on contact and filling in the form there.

Once you have been approved to write, you will receive a login and password as well as instructions on how to edit the site.

We are looking for people to write useful information not located on the internet--real experiences from real life to help out fellow adventure travelers. Other roles might be to serve as an "Ask the Expert" resource, to give updates on the latest information about that destination or activity or to referee discussions.

You may prefer to read through other people's information and edit it for formatting, spelling, grammar and accuracy - you can also do this by using the contact form.

This is a great opportunity to spread your stories and experiences with other travelers.

Becoming a Forum Member

Being a forum member is easy. Click on the Forums tab at the top left side of the site, and register. Once you are registered you can access any forum on the site - from boating in Costa Rica to hiking in England and add your personal insights for all to see.

You can also access the forum from each of the main destination pages by clicking on the forum icon - this will take you directly to the country you were reading about so you can add your comments and thoughts.


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