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General Information

Languages : English (official), Portuguese
Currency : Bermudian dollar (BMD)
Time Zone : EST +1hrs
Capital City : Hamilton
Population : 66,163
Government : Parliamentary; self-governing territory
Total Area : 20 mi²
Climate : Subtropical; mild, humid; gales, strong winds common in winter
National Holidays: Bermuda Day, 24 May
Additional Info: Scuba divers can explore numerous wrecks and coral reefs in relatively shallow water. It is not possible to rent a car on the island, however visitors can hire scooters for use as private transport, or use public transport.

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Scuba Diving

Bermuda is a British overseas territory in the Atlantic, located 1,100 miles northeast of Miami, Florida. It is a world-class dive site, known for its exciting and often eerie shipwrecks, teeming with marine life. The main season is from April to November, where the weather is warmest and water temperatures comfortable for swimming and diving. The best time to go is April-June and again in October-November. Water temperatures range from 63-79degF. For diving, a 3-5mm full wetsuit is sufficient for the hot months depending on the "natural" insulation of the diver and 5-7mm full wetsuit (incl. boots, hood, gloves) for the colder months.

Below are some of the more popular dive sites:

Constellation (northwest), a 192ft wooden hull schooner built in 1918 just over 200ft long, one of the shipwrecks used in the film "The Deep". 30ft dive. Built in 1918, The Constellation is a four-masted, wooden-hulled schooner.

Montana (northwest), located just 50 yards from the Constellation, an English built paddle steamer, 236ft long. 30ft dive.

Lartington (northwest), unfortunate weather contributed to the downfall of this vessel in 1879. Great for photography as shallow waters and visible propellers, stern and boilers make it easy for anyone to snap. 35ft dive.

Minnie Breslauer (south), wrecked during its maiden voyage on New Years Day in 1873, a 300ft English freighter, dive to 70ft.

Hermes (south), now an artificial reef, the Hermes, once a US built freighter is one of the few wrecks that lies upright, intact and in 75ft of water. Popular with divers because its U.S. Coast Guard buoy tender is almost intact.

Cristobal Colon (northeast), a Spanish Liner that was sunk in 1936, Bermudas largest wreck. A transatlantic liner, it weighed in excess of 10,000 tons. She was traveling to Mexico to load arms for the Spanish Civil War when she crashed into a coral reef at a speed of 15 knots. 55ft dive.

Blue Hole (north), a huge sand hole surrounded by reef. There are caves and tunnels to explore too. The coral is in excellent condition and there are many sea fans.


Fast becoming one of the most popular fishing spots in the world, Bermuda attracts eager fishermen in search of exciting game fish and doesn't leave them empty handed. Wahoo and tuna can be caught throughout the year with the most being caught in the fall and spring. The marlin begins to show up after the spring and bite throughout the summer. They begin to disperse just as the wahoo and tuna hit hard yet again. Fishing opportunities are year round (although winter months can make conditions unpredictable); Bermuda's official fishing season is May through November. Year-round fish include shark, amberjack, barracuda, and reef fish. Most charters offer training and instruction so even a complete beginner can have a go at catching the big one.

The season usually heats up in late March through April, with Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna and Wahoo being the main targets. During May, the really large Yellowfin (up to 100lbs), appears and you fish with light stand-up tackle while "chumming" or chunking. By December and through to March the season slows down a little. The Billfish have moved on, the Wahoo and Tuna will still bite. Charter prices vary from $75 per person to $100 depending on type of boat, number of people on board and any additional luxuries you may require.


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