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Greetings Fellow Adventure Traveler

Welcome to Adventure Chatter, the adventure travel website to share your adventure passion, tell tales, post/answer questions, and benefit from the insight and experience of those who have gone before! I hope that you will find it both useful and fun and that you will help it grow.

The inspiration for Adventure Chatter occurred several years ago when I was preparing to climb Mount_Kilimanjaro. While contacting outfitters, it didn't take me long to realize that a healthy percentage of people who claimed to specialize in Kili climbing didn't know what they were talking about.

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One internationally renowned mountaineering company's representative even told me that I would probably die if I were so bold as to climb Kili in November. Well, I did climb in November, and I didn't die--not even close. But I did find myself wishing for a way to contact people who really knew what they were talking about. The seed for Adventure Chatter was planted!

I am very grateful to Andrew Hughes (Graphic Artist, GraphicWorks Atlanta), and Dave Dula (Programmer), and Amanda Chappell (Researcher) both of Documentopia for making my dream a reality. Please don't spoil their superlative work with any racist, sexist, or insulting commentary--pretend your Mother is reading your posting.

A portion of any revenue generated will be donated to healthcare and education projects in East Africa.

Please feel free to contact me at wtih any ideas for improving Adventure Chatter.


Bill Redwood


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